Holy Craft Brewing Co- San Francisco, CA

Holy Craft brewery is a latest brewery located in the San Francisco Bay Area. It was founded by four friends who wanted to create an elegant beer drinking experience that can be appreciated by beer connoisseurs and non-beer drinkers alike. At Holy Craft Brewing they strive to bring unique recipes, which utilize the freshest ingredients, to a market that deserves flavorful beers not experienced by the people. The brewery offers a variety of beers at fair prices, which is why it is gaining popularity rapidly.

The brewmasters of Holy Craft Brewing test dozens of recipe versions, refining it to be at the highest quality the company can provide. They are currently launching with two beers and plan on expanding their product offering as more recipes are perfected.

Every single beer of Holy Craft Brewing is unique and amazing. The Magnum Opus is a Belgian Style Ale which is the result of years of recipe refinement. Brewed with Belgian pilsner malts, you’ll enjoy a smooth drinking experience while the full flavored beer creates a lasting impression leaving you craving for more. The Singularis IPA, on the other hand, features a recipe using 5 different hops, a unique feature in an IPA where it normally features 2-3. Made with a mix of carefully chosen American and Belgian malts, you’ll experience a more crisp and malty experience you normally wouldn’t have with California IPAs.

The two bees knees of Holy Craft Brewing Co- Philip and Steve Seto are the people who have made the company so highly loved by people. And if you get a chance to talk to them you are certain to be highly pleased. Both are passionate individuals who strive towards making the best beer for the people. Philip is the founder/ brewmaster and has been brewing beer for 4 years prior to establishing Holy Craft. He is responsible for the creation and oversight of the overall brewing process. Steve, on the other hand, is the CEO of the company and is an experienced and successful entrepreneur and investor since 2001.

It doesn’t matter what kind of beer you like, and what brew floats your boat, you are certain to find something for yourself at Holy Craft Brewing Co. They choose only the finest of ingredients for their beer which is why every single beer they offer is strong and best!

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