Golden Gate Brewing Co- Oakland, CA

Golden Gate Brewing Co is one of the finest breweries of Oakland that encourages high quality craft beer to every beer drinker in the world. There is something special about drinking local craft beer, and more people are beginning to realize this, which is where Golden Gate comes in. Although many new breweries are constantly popping up in the Bay Area, Golden Gate Brew Tours seems most promising of all to be at the forefront in educating drinkers.

Golden Gate BrewTours offers highly informative and interesting brewery tours in the San Francisco Bay Area. Hosted by 2 energetic and beer brewing tour guides, a tour will not only have you tasting award winning beers, but you will be an official beer geek by the end of the tour! You can the brewing process of the different styles of beer, ask questions, and win prizes during trivia. Whether you are with your friends or are by yourself you will certainly get to enjoy at every point of the tour.

You get lots of beer tastings of multiple kinds at Golden Gate tours. Plus if you like a particular beer from any of the breweries they let you buy what you want and you can drink it on the bus or share it with others. The lunch they provide at the beginning of their tours (Marin Brewing Company) is especially amazing and a great start! You get to eat a big lunch with about 5 different beers in front of you, and yes- it can’t get any better than that!

There is ample variety of beers at Golden Gate for you. The Red Rivet is a great one they have which warms you as it first touches your taste buds, then comes the malty balance of the finest barley and hops to construct an ale worthy of the style Scottish Ale. The Whistle at The Blonde is a Belgium blonde that has the sweetness of a blonde walking down the street, yet enough composure to let you know she is in charge. This blonde uses sweetness to lure you in, charms you with her hoppiness, and then leaves you with a dry finish. They build all their beers according to the traditional Scottish recipes, and then as in all things American, make it bold.


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