GG Brewers- Glenside, PA

GG Brewers is a fun place to spend time with family and friends. They have quality beer and food to go with it at great prices. Plus, they have a great range of salads, sandwiches, and even delicious $5 items such as grilled tilapia, spicy double chicken sandwich, roasted veggie wrap, chicken steak sandwich, etc. You will find a very chill atmosphere here and the staff is also quite attentive and friendly.

The beer list of GG Brewers is wide and extensive. You will find Black Irish Stout, which is a dark rich Irish stout with a dry smooth finish; Harvest Pumpkin, which is a well balanced seasonal ale created with minced pumpkin and spices; R. Bishop Brown Ale which is a light bodied brown ale created in honor of a mug club member and is amazing in taste, and many more. All of these beers are made from the finest of ingredients and brewed to perfection. You will love every sip of these, for sure.

Other than beer GG Brewers also carries a good range of both white and red wines. Do try their Bavarian Spice which is available at $6.00 a glass is all about the sweet white whispers of spice and citrus with a subtle sweetness. Paired well with homemade apple pie or any other desert you won’t be stop drinking it once you start. Another great one to taste is the Stone Cellar Vidal Blanc Ice Wine which is decanting like liquid gold with profound sweetness, and explodes into Lingering tropical fruit and apricot flavors. Served in a cordial glass this wine is truly premium in every way.

GG Brewers encourages fun and a hearty atmosphere. They often invite music performers and other such artists for the entertainment of the people. They also have many excellent events that reoccur on a weekly basis. For instance, on Tuesdays they have $2 Keswick Light Drafts all day; on Wednesdays they have all sandwiches on the Menu for $5; and Fridays are super awesome for they have T.G.I.F.- $5 12” pizzas (toppings extra) with $10 pitchers of Keswick Light and Red Light.

If you love great beer and great food then look no further. GG Brewers is your perfect destination where you can have a variety of delicious food items and exotic beers for unbelievable prices!

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