Finnegans- Minneapolis, MN

Finnegans make the best quality Irish beer you can find.  They are truly passionate about the art of brewing and good times that beer is popularly associated with. Creating awareness and action about critical community issues through projects that are fun, social and a win-win for volunteers, pro-bono partners and business partners is one of the key aims of the company. They also encourage others to share lessons learned from them with other organizations and businesses in hopes of inspiring others to engage in making a difference in their communities.

Finnegans don’t make many types of beer. Instead, they have kept their focus on a selected few to ensure that only the best if brought out for the people. It makes sense, since with limited beer types of focus on they can work on them only and get the best out of them. Their Blonde Ale is a light bodied ale which has a fruity and floral aroma and a clean and crisp finish.  The Irish Amber, on the other hand is probably only crafted to blow your mind away. True to its name it has a shave cream foamy, white three fingered head that leaves lacing all the way down as it recedes. Its robust, flavorful malt character and a perfect balance of subtle hops make this beer highly drinkable. You will find strong honey notes, toffee, sweet grain and milled wheat, and some light hints of grape tomato at the end.

Other than premium quality Irish beer Finnegans also offers some really amazing merchandise. You will find t shirts in various designs, and colors, mirror with the Finnegans logo, bandanas, keychain bottle opener, and whatnot. If you love the Finnegans beer you can have a thing or two as a souvenir.

One of the coolest things about Finnegans is the way they work for the welfare of the society. While there are many breweries out there making fine quality beer, Finnegans stands out by giving its bit to the society. So, when you buy a beer from them not only you are enjoying yourself but you are also bringing smiles on the faces of the people who are neglected and alienated by the community. But again, their beers are enough to lure you towards them. If you are tired of the generic beers that you have been drinking for too long then Finnegans is bound to impress you.



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