Culmination Brewing Co- Portland, OR

Built around the idea that sustainable manufacturing and building practices can and will lead to superior products and customer satisfaction Culmination Brewing has been bringing out some of the best beers of Portland for the people. With great beer and good food they are bringing the community together in one concept, under one roof. Whether you are a casual drinker, or a hardcore beer lover you will always find something to love at Culmination Brewing Co.

Culmination is a cool warehouse kind of space with a generous bar and limited but beautiful outside seating. The owners are always happy to talk about their venture and back story and would love to answer all of the questions that you may have regarding their work and the brewery.

CB has a mixed use kind of building which may be confusing for you initially, with the shared restrooms, for which you need a code to access, etc. But overall, it is a beautiful place. There is a long, wide hall near the loading dock where they have some music performances and such. You can find ample space to sit and relax too.

Culmination Brewing values community. And when people come together at their public house, they not just enjoy great beer alongside of some really nice folks, but get treated to both live and latest kind of recorded music. The food here is simply memorable and you have to try their tacos – perfect nosh to go with a beer. The tacos are soft and yummy with pork, cabbage, lettuce, sour cream and accompanying sauces. The habanero dressing they have is simply adorable. If you like you can also try their BBQ which is open Tuesday through Friday from 11-8, and on Saturday and Sunday 4-8.

At Culmination they have a nice selection of brews made on site and a great overall variation of other beers too. With ample space and equipment they have the ability to produce a lot of specialty brews at one time.

Culmination meets, or rather what you’d hope for in a modest brewery in Portland. They have limited on tap, all of which are solid to terrific, along with a bunch of guest taps. There is always good vibes with minimalist PDX-garage style decor, and knowledgeable staff here. Whether you are alone or with your friends you are certain to love this place.

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