Cold Snacks Brewing- Bozeman, MT

Cold Snacks Brewing is one of the rarest companies that has remained focused on providing a quality product at a competitive price to other large internationally owned domestic lagers (think PBR), while staying true to their pledge to give 8% of their profits back to local charities and non-profits that support the lands, people, wildlife, art, and ways of life we’ve all come to love. Here, at SCB they like to think of it as ‘Drinking With A Cause,’, which is kind of cool. Since their beer has been specifically formulated to refresh after skiing, fishing, hiking, boating, watching the big game, or just about anything else that happens to be awesome, when you drink MCS you get the best of both worlds-giving back to the communities in your area while getting the satisfaction attained from cold, light, refreshing beer.

During two years of business of Cold Snacks Brewing they had given over $12,000.00 to differing non-profits. Beer, refreshment, charity, it’s in their core, and as they move forward in this venture, they never plan on letting these values go. This is one of the things that make them stand out from the rest of breweries around the area. While most brewing companies and focused on making profits CSB decided to give a great part of their focus to the development and welfare of the society.

CSB beer is special, top quality, and certainly delicious. It is a light golden amber with a thin white head that dissipates quickly to patches. Mild aroma of sweet malt and faint biscuit malt give it a unique texture. The flavor is of mild sweet pale malt, apple juice, with no unnecessary frills. The faint flavors are pleasant enough, and it tastes like a light lager watered down by about five to one, making it even better if don’t like too strong beers.

If you are done with the run of the mill, all taste the same kind of beers, then Cold Snacks Brewing has got some really unique special beers for you. They use only the finest of ingredients and prepare the beer to perfection. There is a good consistency involved so you will always get the same taste and aroma. If you are a true beer love then you have to get a taste of Cold Snacks Beer, for sure!

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