Bridge and Tunnel Brewery- Queens, NY

Located in Queens, Bridge and Tunnel Brewery is a nano-scale micro-brewery, launched by brewer and proprietor Rich Castagna. At this point of time the brewery is operating as a one-man brewing operation, with the help from Rich’s wife Lisa with the various additional tasks necessary to keep a brewery afloat. However, despite the limited manpower Bridge and Tunnel has been able to produce some really amazing and fine quality brews for the people.

Bridge and Tunnel Brewery is working on a nano-scale for now- brewing 1.5 barrel batches. Sixtel kegs turn over quickly, so if you run into one of these beers, enjoy it while it lasts. The variety if limited, at least for now, but all of the beers are equally amazing. The Angry Amel Dunkelweizen is a dark German style wheat beer, with a big clove/banana nose, a mouthful of malty goodness, and a clean finish, followed by that weizen aftertaste that will make you keep coming back for more. Tiger Eyes Hazelnut Brown Ale, on the other hand, is a brown ale modeled after English browns, deep mahogany in color, and a strong malty backbone that accentuates a moderate hazelnut presence in the flavor profile. Nothing overpowers anything else, and in fact, a bar owner described this beer as ‘sweet yet savory, with a clean quick finish.’

The brewery of Bridge and Tunnel was built from the ground up, with pretty much all of the larger components being repurposed/reclaimed materials. The 3 stainless steel kettles were used – including the tank functioning as the HLT, which at one time was used in the kitchen of a Chinese Restaurant. At the time of acquiring the tank, it was partially crushed after being backed into by a car. There are stories every component in every corner of the brewery – each part either repaired, rebuilt, or fortified to work as a part of a brewery puzzle. This gives you a unique kind of feeling and makes the atmosphere unique and special. It is indeed a hell of an experience drinking beer here.

Bridge and Tunnel Brewery is a snug and cozy brewery where all your worries and troubles will vanish magically. The owners of this place are amazing people and will bring a smile on your face in no time. It goes without saying BnT is a gem of Queens, and you are missing out if you have not been here yet.

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