Top 6 Bars of Brooklyn – September 2015

Are you in or around Brooklyn and looking for a great bar to grab a beer or a cocktail? Find below the top 10 bars of Brooklyn for September which will make you keep coming back for more-

1) Just Wine Bar

This new addition to the Cobble Hill drinking scene is a more than a mere welcome addition: excellent small plates of food, unique cocktails, and a beautifully designed decor are all matched with a considerate, exciting all-natural wine list.

2) Hot Bird

Hot Bird is the kind of bar where you would want to take your first date. They have romantic candlelit tables and a snug firepit too.

3) Boobie Trap

Boobie Trap is a perfect place to throw a bachelor party. They have kitschy kind of décor and the drinks are quite cheap. Plus, they have a number of board games which you can play with your friends and make a night out of this place.

4) Bar Great Harry

Ben and Mike Wiley, the owners remain open to Brooklyn’s dogs, who happily roam free around the bar stools and pinball machines. This is the place you would to bring your dog along with.

5) The Adirondack

The Adirondack will take you far far away from the busy life of Brooklyn. This place is widely known for its happy hours, which go from 3 to 7 in the evening. During this period you will get drinks at $4 and draft beers at $1 off. These include Ithaca Flower Power and Other Half Veldrijden Love, which are simply amazing. You would want to come back again and again whenever your craving for good quality beer strikes.

6) The Alibi

The Alibi is one of your plain old dive bars, but the atmosphere you will find here is amazing. Obviously, you will find many old folks here but they are generally quite friendly and welcoming. You will feel quite comfortable drinking here, and you might get to hear some of the wonderful stories which they are always happy to relate.

Despite of what many people believe Brooklyn has its own share of secrets and has a number of hidden gems such as in the form of bars and restaurants just like the ones mentioned above. Do give them a visit and see why they all are special in their own way.


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