Top 5 Wine Bars of Buffalo, NY – September 2015

Located in the Niagara Frontier, Buffalo is a city full of surprises. Not only is it the second-largest city in New York State it has great nightlife too. The top 5 wine bars of Buffalo For September are:

Just Vino

Located at 846 Main St, Just Vino has an excellent menu to offer and has professional and knowledgeable servers who can assist you in choosing the right wine for yourself. One of the things which makes Just Vino stand out from the rest of the bars and restaurants is it affordability factor. Here you can have some of the most popular wines at very low prices.


Bacchus has some of the best cocktails to offer for anyone who loves premium quality drinks. However, other than spirits and beers they have an extensive range of wines too. You can sample as many wines by glasses since they don’t cost much. The servers here are friendly and you will feel extremely comfortable.


Where can you get top quality wine bottles for as less as 15 bucks? Well, Tappo is one such place. They serve best quality wines which are pure and are not watered down like the ones served at most low grade bars. If you like to try wines by glass then for 5 bucks you can try a glass too.

The 31 Club

The 31 Club has a beautiful atmosphere, great seafood, and wines which are totally value for money.  They have an extensive wine list menu which allows you to pick your favorite types of wines. They even have premium appetizers to go along with your wines.

Trattoria Aroma

Great service, great food, and great wines are what Trattoria Aroma is all about. Their wine list is impressive and caters to people with different budgets and tastes. It is quite likely that you will find a wine which will suit your requirements easily. They even have half price wine nights when you can get discounted wines too.

So, these were some of the best wine bars and spots in Buffalo, NY. If you are a true wine connoisseur then you are bound to appreciate these places. But again, who is stopping you from locating many other such great wine places in Buffalo area?


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