Rushing Duck Brewing Co- Chester, NY

Rushing Duck is a fairly small brewery but what they produce is simply amazing. There isn’t a beer on draft that you won’t enjoy. You get 6 free drink tickets the moment you walk in. The bar is small with about 4 tables, which is ok since it gives you a feeling of intimacy and quietness. You can give yourself tours of the brewery which can be seen in totality without actually leaving the bar. The employees are very friendly and tirelessly pour the brews nonstop for the patrons with a smile on their faces. You can see that they really love their work and will make you feel like home.

Rushing Duck Brewing Co brews some of the most exotic and amazing beers. Their Naysayer Pale Ale is a West Cost Styled pale ale which has over 2 lbs. of hops per barrel, giving it an extra hoppy character than most IPAs, but with a modest ABV it has a great drinkability factor too. They even have seasonal brews which include Baby Elephant which is brewed with wheat, pale malt, and oats to give it enough body, but no cloying sweetness. It’s also hopped with Centennial, Chinook, Simcoe, and Summit hops, which give the brew its signature juicy, citrus West-Coast hop character. Also, if you love the taste of coffee they you simply need to try out their Beanhead Coffee Porter which is one of a kind.

Like most brewing places Rushing Duck Brewing Co has its own tasting room hours. These are 4 to 8 on Thursdays and Fridays, and 12 to 7 on Saturday and 12 to 4 on Sunday. They are also active on social media and you can check their pages and account to stay updated with their latest events and to find any information about their brews.

When at Rushing Duck Brewing Co make sure that you look for rare/ limited batch bottles which are released on weekends and stock up on them. They are simply amazing, and you can never get them enough.

Overall, a visit to Rushing Duck Brewing Co is certain to provide you a number of beautiful memories. If you are a true brew taster and love to try new and unique kinds of beers then Rushing Duck Brewing Co is the place which you leave you wanting for more. So, fix a date take some time out and check out this place. You won’t be disaapointed.

Golden Brewery Award

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