Full Sail Brewery Riverplace- Portland, OR

Located inside McCormick & Schmicks’s steakhouse at Riverplace, Full Sail Brewery Riverplace is a Full Sail taproom where you can find some of the best beers and lagers. They have a great selection of Full Sail beers plus several guest taps, and some quite tasty happy hour eating items too. Their Full Sail beer sampler is a great way to try most of their brews and catch a buzz at the same time. Most of the beers actually served here are from the main brewery in Hood River but they are all great and worth the price.

There are three particular brews, which are Full Sail Brewery’s core brews and are also the most popular ones among the people. The first one is Full Sail Amber, which is 21 times Gold Medal Winner. It is malty sweet, medium bodied with a reddish amber hue and has a spicy floral hop finish. The second one is Full Sail IPA. This one is generously hopped to 60 IBUs with Yakima Valley hops. With a pronounced citrus flavor and a full malty body this thirst quenching brew is something which you will enjoy every drop of. The last one is Cascade Pilsner. It is a lager which has intense aromas of citrus and pine and is supported by a medium-bodied, dry malty palate, all balanced with a long clean herbal bitterness. You can try any of these three, you won’t be disappointed.

Full Sail Brewery Riverplace also offers informative and intriguing brewery tours which allow you to know and understand what goes on in a brewery. The tour guides will lead you on a tour of their Hood River brewhouse where you can meet the people who work behind the screens and learn about the art and science of beer crafting. You’ll also get to see the ingredients they use to create their best and award winning brews and learn a number of Full Sail fun facts and history, including their timeless brewing practices.

Full Sail Brewery Riverplace has a very knowledgeable and friendly staff which will always be available for your assistance. They also have happy hours on a daily basis from 3 to 6 during which you can get well drinks at 4 bucks, cocktails for 6-7 bucks and wines for 5. They even offer full sail draft beers for mere $4, which is amazing.

If you want to try some of the most exotic and tasty beers then make sure you check out Full Sail Brewery Riverplace. Your trip will be all worth it.



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