Top 5 Beer Stops of New York You Must Visit Before You Die

Thought the only places which had the best beers were Germany and Ukraine?  Well, you are in for a surprise. New York itself has a number of great beers. The top 5 of NY beer stops which you must visit before you die are:

Beer Culture

Beer Culture is both a bar and a bottle shop. Here you can chill with a beef jerky and brats and wash it all down with something amazing on tap, including Transmitter Brewing’s oak-aged saison. They make unique experimental beers which you simply have to try.

Bronx Beer Hall

The thing you ought to order at Bronx Beer Hall is garlic and ginger laced wings with a citrusy IPA from the borough’s own Gun Hill Brewing Company. If you don’t find this something that you could die for, then you probably won’t find any such thing really.

Upright Brew House

During the daylight Upright Brew House is your typical joint where you can come by with your laptop and grab some cheese sandwiches while you are off to work. However, as darkness engulfs the city this place becomes a beer paradise. Check out teir Kerstperiode, a dark farmhouse ale, which is smooth as honey and tastes like heaven, literally.

Dirck the Norseman

Dirck the Norseman is kind of a quaint place but once you are all settled here you will feel like home. Here you would want to skip the German brews for one of their Greenpoint Beers and Ale Company’s creations, such as the Polar Opposite, which is a thick session black ale created from spicy rye and New York State malted barley- a drink for the manly men.


Since Queens is currently in the middle of a micro-brew revolution, when you happen to crave for a cheese burger at Alewife, forget about Allagash and Captain Lawrence. Instead, grab Alewife’s small batch beers which you would keep wanting more and more with each one down the throat.

Most people disregard New York and tag it as one of those places where there is no culture, no specialty. While most of this is arguable, when it comes to beers there is no need for argument, for there are certainly many great beers which are offered in the heart of the city. And if you are a New Yorker and love beer, then you know where to go tonight.

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