Top 5 Bars of Miami

Miami is essentially a traveler’s Mecca. Sandy beaches, warm sunshine, and pristine waters- Miami has it all. When tired of walking around the beach a craving for a drink is natural. Here are the top 5 bars of Miami where you can get best drinks at best prices-

The Corner

The Corner is a popular spot pre or post 11pm, the adjacent 24-hour strip club where you can find a variety of drinks. The ambience of this place is one of a kind. The bartender here keeps a wooden ladder to navigate through their collection, which tells us something. They will even serve you super fresh cocktails which are made from the finest ingredients.

Blackbird Ordinary

If you often find yourself looking for a drink or two during the wee hours then Blackbird Ordinary is the perfect place for you. In a city where there are tons or bars and restaurants Blackbird Ordinary finds a distinct identity. There is nothing ordinary about Blackbird Ordinary, mind it. You will find some of the best cocktails here at amazing prices.

Ball and Chain

Ball & Chain is a recreation of a 1930s hotspot that once occupied the same area and welcomed superstars of jazz such as Billie Holiday, Count Basie and Chet Baker to its stage. Across from the notable Tower Theater, the Ball & Chain has its own storied past filled with Jewish and Cuban community influences.

Haven Lounge

Located at the western end of Lincoln Road, Haven Lounge isn’t just one of your run of the mill clubs, it is a melting pot of the drink lovers. The staff here is quite friendly and professional. They are also well known for their generosity, so don’t be surprised if a bartender puts a spicy apple foam atop of your cocktail.

Sunset Lounge

Think Sunset Lounge is too fancy for a name? Well, no other name could have rightly justified this place. Located on the South Beach’s bay side this place offers the perfect vantage point for enjoying a sunset with your partner. They even have a sprawling poolscape for you to enjoy.

There are many beautiful places in USA where people come from all over the world to enjoy with friends and families. However, Miami holds its own distinct charm. Other than its out of the world beaches, and shopping spots the bars such as mentioned above are worth a visit. Do give some of them a shot and see for yourself why they are so popular.


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