4 Drinking Games for Two People

Nothing breaks the ice with a new group of people like a game of beer pong, or in case you like to take the games seriously- True American. However, drinking games don’t necessarily need to be for a big group of people. Two people can also play plenty of drinking games, the top 4 of which are given below-

1) Power Hour

Caution- This one might leave you totally wasted. In Power Hour you and your partner will have to drink 60 shots of vodka in 60 minutes, or in other words, one shot per minute. Whoever makes it through the entire hour wins. While this game could be extreme for many, it is undoubtedly fun and exciting.

2) Truth or Dare or Drink

Truth or Dare or Drink is just like the popular game Truth or Dare, but with a little twist. You start with spinning the bottle and whoever’s turn comes has a choice to “dare or drink” or “truth or drink”. So, if he choose former than he has to perform the asked dare, or else drink a shot of vodka. In the same way in latter either he could answer a question truthfully, or drink.

3) Chess Drink

If you love playing chess then this is the perfect game for you. In this you play chess with your partner, in the usual way. However in this instead of using chess pieces such as pawns, knight, etc. which are made from wood or plastic, you will use glasses of different shapes and sizes for them. For pawns you can use vodka shots, and for kind and knight you can use pitchers. Every time a piece dies the concerned player has to drink the glasses which is used for the piece.

4) Flip Cup

Flip cup has become quite common now. However, it still is one of the most fun drinking games. In this both players have to chug a beer from a plastic cup as fast as they can. When done each player places the cup upside down at the edge of the table. Then they have to flick it from the bottom so that it lands at a stack of upside down cups. Whoever is able to finish first gets one point. The play can play upto the point where either one scores 10, and wins.

Drinking games are fun, and also can bring some lightness to the atmosphere and make things interesting. Make sure you try some of the ones given above with your friend next time you are at a bar or are having a party.



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