Thasos Greek Taverna – Fort Lauderdale, FL

Names after the Greek island in the northeastern part of the Aegean Sea the Thasos Greek Taverna restaurant cum bar is famous for its cuisine of local dishes and its historic and archeological landmarks. Thasos was the first dweller of the Tharos Island, and that’s the reason the island was named after him. Many poets and artists have referred Thasos as “Aeria” for its cool summer breeze.

Thasos Greek Taverna restaurant brings authentic and sumptuous Greek cuisine to you. In a warm and friendly atmosphere you get to eat and drink with your friends at family. The interiors of the restaurant are unique, with modern lamps hanging overhead from the ceiling and sober grey colored tables and chairs. The space is ample inside the establishment so you won’t have trouble finding an area to sit even if you are here with a number of people.

You will find fun and lively atmosphere at Thasos Greek Taverna which adds to its charm. While the place is upbeat it is not unwontedly loud or noise which can be a real turn off for many. Consistency in food and service is what you will find here doesn’t matter after how long you visit it again. They always make sure that their patrons are being served their orders on time, and hate keeping people on wait. It is dedication showed by them which makes people come here over and over again.

The wine and cocktail menu at the restaurant is impressive. While the former offers some really delicious and exotic Greek wines, the latter is well crafted and has some really great options you can choose to start your night. Most of the drinks available here are inexpensive but are of premium quality.

Thasos Greek Taverna is a very unique place, and it is quite unlikely that you could have seen a place like it anywhere else. It is one thing to serve good food, and a totally different thing to serve good food in good atmosphere and with a good presentation. Thasos Greek Taverna falls into the latter category. The place has a class and it is apparent through the way the waiters and other staff members interact with the patrons, and way their decorate their interiors.

Whether you simply want to have a good time with your friends or family or want to throw a party at a good restaurant and bar Thasos Greek Taverna is certainly one of the places you can always count on.

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Thasos Greek Taverna Location and Phone

  • Address: 3330 E Oakland Park Blvd, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
  • Phone Number: +1 954-200-6006

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