Why So Many Musicians Are Using PartyLink

Musicians across the nation now have a new way of being heard through the use of the PartyLink app. The music industry is one that’s particularly hard to tap into. Being a musician is a passion and a career than many have tried to pursue but not many have succeeded. Many current musicians have used social media tools to either promote themselves and or gather their fan base. Recently, musicians have been discovering the most recent social media tool to soundboard their work off of.

The mobile app PartyLink has a unique feature that allows musicians to upload their music for local fans to listen to. This distinguishes PartyLink from other social media apps by giving musicians an immediate advantage at increasing their fan base while also being able to put themselves out there on the social media spectrum. Because PartyLink is such a powerful tool at promoting music, musicians and bands alike have been frequenting the app.

When a musician uploads their music onto the PartyLink app, a whole world of possibilities opens up to them. Once their music is on the app, anyone who uses the app can find and listen to their music. How do the musicians get people to listen to their music once they’re on PartyLink? By having friends and family download the app, and giving PartyLink a shout out at their gigs, they are already steps closer to achieving the goal to be more exposed. Much like the feature PartyLink has that helps multiply just a few friends at a bar to a few hundred, PartyLink has the ability to turn a musicians fans from just a few to thousands. Within the span of just a couple of days you could have a following buildup from 10-20 fans to 1000-2000 fans.

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