Good Times West – Port St Lucie, FL

Good Times West – 2096 NW Courtyard Cir Port St Lucie, FL 34986

Good Times West is a medium sized night-club and bar that has live music a couple of nights a week, as well as DJs for the other nights. With two dart boards, one pool table, and some sort of shuffleboard game, this bar is a great place to enjoy a fun evening with your friends, whether you are interested in clubbing or just a casual laid-back night at the bar. With a full bar, Good Times (West) is a great place for groups. The bartender and waitstaff are incredibly friendly and happy to help, allowing for a nice, relaxed night out any day.

Moreover, Good Times West is well-maintained; its clean, with good lighting and although there is no outdoor seating, there is a good place to smoke on the patio. A lot of people really like the atmosphere, especially since a lot of the DJs are really good at responding to the crowd’s dynamics, and sometimes goofing around with tracks like songs from the hit musical “Grease” to make everyone really dance. It’s also not an overly busy place, though its very lively, which is nice; there is a good balance between crowded and overcrowded, and this place is just on the right side of that line. There is never too much of a struggle to get to the bar, and the bartenders are very fair and does not favor more attractive or louder people.

Good Times (West) also has a good drinks selection, as well as happy hour, which means that its easy to keep drink prices at an affordable level if you’re careful. Port St Lucie does not have that much of a variety when it comes to nightlife, but this bar is definitely one of the best options if you are thinking of a fun night with music, merriment and dancing!

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