College- PartyLink is The New Social Media

Students are constantly looking for the next best way to communicate with their peers throughout college campuses across the nation. College is all about receiving an education, and having an awesome time while doing so. Students depend on social media to decide where they’re going to go out that night, and PartyLink is quickly becoming their number one tool to do so.

At Providence College, a small Catholic institution in the heart of one of the most exciting cities in New England, students predominantly travel to bars throughout the week. They also look for bars specifically where there are events or half priced drinks. PartyLink is able to not only communicate to the students what local bars are having specials and hosting, but it lets them know where the rest of the school will be that night. A junior at PC who recently started using the social media app said, “I downloaded PartyLink after I decided to live at school for the summer. With most of my friends being back at home, I’m still able to go out at night and know where people are because of PartyLink.” The student also noted how easily the app made it for her to branch out and meet new people in the area, “I’ve already met so many new students from other schools in the city like Brown, and JWU (Johnson and Wales University).”

Even if your college is not located in a major city, PartyLink locates the closest hot spots of the night for students. In the rural town of Storrs, Connecticut, the University of Connecticut hosts numerous students who have found PartyLink to be useful to their nightlife needs. “There aren’t many bars around here, but the couple times I have clicked on PartyLink I’ve been able to find the ones with the $2 beer specials,” said one senior at the University. The appeal to students with PartyLink is endless because of how useful it is helping them have a successful night out. With college student’s flexible schedules, they are able to go out nearly every night of the week. PartyLink caters to students all nights of the week highlighting events every night in their areas.

PartyLink is spreading rapidly to schools around the nation because of its likeable and accessible qualities as a social media tool. The generation attending college today doesn’t waste time on anything that is not worthwhile and simple. PartyLink was engineered so that young adults would gravitate towards the easily navigated app. Because of features such as the “Tonight’s Party” and the “VIP Events” links, users have no trouble accessing the nearest places to go that night.

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