V’s Town Tavern – Port Saint Lucie, Florida

V’s Town Tavern
Address: 790 SW St Lucie West Boulevard, Port St. Lucie, FL 34986
Phone:(772) 800-3239
Hours: Closed Mondays
Happy Hour: Tuesday – Sunday 3-7pm
Karaoke: every Tuesday Night
Trivia: every Wednesday Night at 7pm
Ladies Night: every Thursday 7pm – Close
Live Entertainment: every Thurs. Fri. & Sat. Night & Sundays 4pm-7pm
Sun., Tues. – Thurs. – Serving Food from 11am-9pm
Tavern Serving Drinks at the Bar until 12am
Friday – Saturday – Serving Food from 11am-10pm
Tavern Serving Drinks at the Bar until 2am

Chef V’s tag line is and has always been “It’s about the food.” Chef Johnny V has done it again, by opening V’s Town Tavern, a great neighborhood gathering restaurant that both locals and tourists visit regularly. Chef Johnny V continues to serve his popular, distinctive meals that keeps everyone returning for more. His menu offerings are always plentiful, which makes Chef Johnny V state that when the kitchen gets too hot, he reminds his cooks to keep cool – meaning that the laughs are in the front of Town Tavern, as well as in the back.

The national culinary scene in South Florida, know the name Johnny V (“Vinczencz”) very well. Chef Johnny V designs bold dishes that are filled with robust flavors and layers of delicious spices. Chef Johnny V cooks for the discriminating palates and has prepared winning cuisines that included the best in Latin, Caribbean, and Floridian. He has also appeared with Al Roker on the Today Show, displaying his famous BBQ Shrimp; he has battled renowned Chef Bobby Flay; and he is touted for his culinary excellence in south Florida’s Miami Beach locations.


Chef Johnny V enjoys using local ingredients and he prepares meals that are also inspired culturally. With the opening of his own V’s Town Tavern, he has changed his menu to favor a local tavern like format, especially featuring Tuesday night, $5 hamburger night, where Port Lucia’s senior citizen neighbors flock to enjoy. Definitely, V’s Town Tavern is the hottest place in Port Lucia County. Formerly Duffy’s, V’s Town Tavern has designed his restaurant with plenty of rustic wooden tables (over 200), comfortable booths, and a long granite topped bar with lots of drinks and lots of seating.

If you’re interested in a palate pleasing new idea for lunch or dinner, the menu offerings will never disappoint you. Included in the new menu are the “Lovely Beginnings” selections, from wings, clams, antipasto, calamari, clams, eggplant, fish, chicken, and more. Under the menu heading of “Fresh Garden Salads,” is just that – with fresh salads containing seasonal greens and great toppings. Chef Johnny V calls his food creations American food. He has a great knack for taking a familiar dish and marrying it with somewhat surprising ingredients, even perhaps calling the dish “whimsical.”

V’s Tavern burgers are amazing with a combination of eggs, tomatoes, and a variety of cheeses. Chef’s Entrees are not surprising – they are nothing short of deliciously amazing! Diners can further enjoy the scrumptious desserts, soups, salads, sandwiches, amazing flatbreads, and a fun kid’s menu. V’s Town Tavern is definitely the latest culinary delight for St. Lucie County and is growing as the perfect casual neighborhood entertainment spot that is providing an unforgettable experience on Saint Lucie West Boulevard.

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