Cigar City Brewery: One of Tampa’s Top Attractions

It’s not a secret that Tampa is a city that is filled with a variety of different attractions. Many of its attractions have captured the attention of locals and tourists, such as Cigar City Brewing. This establishment has become a major attraction for those individuals who seek excellent beer because they appreciate it.

Ever since it was presented to the public, this spot has appealed to both brew novices and beer geeks. Cigar City Brewing has eyebrow-raising flavors and has a commitment to quality, which is why they keep being one of the top attractions in Tampa, Florida.

Cigar City Brewing capitalizes on the tobacco-manufacturing and Latin culture history of Tampa Bay. Many of the beers that it produces, such as Cubano-Style Espresso Brown Ale, Improv Oatmeal Rye India-Style Brown Ale, and Jai Alai IPA, reflect the ingredients and sensibilities of Florida. Of course, Cigar City Brewing has many other beers under its belt. One of their most sought after beer is Hunaphu’s Impersial Stout which is a special release. (The 11% ale is aged on cinnamon, pasilla chiles, ancho chiles, Madagascar vanilla bears, and cacao nibs.)

At Cigar City Brewing, there is the tasting room, store, and even tours. They like to toast and drink with those who choose to drink with them. Behind all the beer that can be found at Cigar City Brewing, there is the philosophy that quality can only be reached by providing first rate ingredients to people who are of first rate, in a space where they are completely free to pursue their passion.

Cigar City Brewing acknowledges that what they do isn’t for everyone, but they certainly welcome anybody who walks through their front door. There’s no special dress code that you must follow in order to enjoy the first class beer that this establishment provides.

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