Bar Rescue Returns For Highly Anticipated 5th Season

For four seasons, Jon Taffer has helped rejuvenate bars and nightclubs on Bar Rescue, airing on Spike Network. With over thirty years of experience, he is the owner and chairman of Taffer Dynamics, Inc. consulting firm. Struggling bar and pub owners submit an application to Spike, requesting Taffer’s assistance in saving their business. With his confrontational nature and in your face training techniques, he has worked with or owned over eight hundred establishments. Not only does he provide his business expertise, Taffer also renovates the buildings and provides new equipment, both in the kitchen and behind the bar.

The show starts out with an undercover investigation of the bar. Taffer frequently uses his wife, Nicole Taffer, on these recon missions while he watches on cameras from the parking lot, checking out the atmosphere, drink recipes, and quality of food being served. He will then enter the establishment, speaking with the owner and employees to pinpoint trouble areas. Over the next couple days, a crew works to update and renovate the bar, while a team of chefs and professional drink mixologists work with the staff.

The professional team will design signature cocktails and new recipes, updating the menu while working to improve technique and form. This format usually results in double digit profit increases for the business.. While many of the bars and pubs go on to see great success once the cameras leave, there is no guarantee a business will survive. At the end of season three, seven of the forty features bars had closed their doors. Season four is still being aired.

Fans of Bar Rescue will be tuning in for an all new fifth season, which was recently confirmed on Taffer’s Facebook page. The first two seasons had ten episodes each, while the third season had forty, and the fourth season had thirty. Taffer has said there will be at least twenty episodes in the fifth season, which is scheduled to air June 21, 2015.

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