Respectable Street Nightclub – West Palm Beach, FL

Respectable Street 518 – Clematis St West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Respectable Street is a dance club in West Palm Beach, Florida. An excellent place for groups with a full bar, and a variety of music, this high-ceilinged bar & music venue is one of the oldest nightclubs in the southern united states. The ambiance, created by the comfy booths, psychedelic murals and a checkerboard dance floor all lend the bar and unique vibe that many people have jokingly labeled “hipster.” The label, although slightly ironically presented, feels adequate to describe the lowkey and accessible vibe of the bar. The addition of an outdoor patio area offers a good alternate choice from the main room from those people who like to talk, or get overwhelmed by crowds. Moreover, they often use the back to sell foods for those interested.

The music at Respectable Street has always been good; locals attribute this to its location, which is right across from where a huge music hub used to be on Clematis. As a result, it should be no surprise that Respectable Street has a wide variety of music. Sometimes the bar hosts local or national bands, other times it employs a variety of DJs. These DJs are known for being versatile, and have been said to mix everything from 80’s to hip-hop, alternative and new wave.

With highly trained and very accessible staff, Respectable Street has a reputation for being a local hangout for friendly people. A reputation for a no nonsense bar has made this bar respected among all people; the securty staff is friendly and happy to help, and the bartenders are famous for not playing favorites on crowded nights. The added benefit of the happy hour between ten and midnight on select days makes this bar an ideal place to hang out on the weekend, whether you are already with a group of friends or are looking to make new ones.

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