Florida Brewery, Auburndale, FL

Florida Brewery Co., in Aurburndale in Florida, is a beer and malt beverage brewer that was established in 1973 in Florida. Originally known as Duncan Brewing Co., since it was built by L.N. Duncan, Florida Brewery Co. has changed hands several times since its creation. The plant has the potential to produce somewhere around 400,00 barrels of beer annually, though its output has never reached that. Considered the nation’s 6th largest brewing company at one point, the company produces several brands of beer, many of which are primarily distribute in Florida. The company also a major producer of malta, a non-alcoholic malt beverage, popular in Florida and the Carribbean. People note that Florida Brewery Co. has a very large beer selection.

Due to the Florida Brewery Co.’s history of more than 40 years in Auburndale, many people note that the beer has a hometown feel to it. The fact that the beers produced taste very good, obviously adds to the positive reputation of the brewery. Beer aficionados have even begun pointing to the brewery as a crucial source, since their beer selection can make any connoisseur’s heart sing. From malty to hoppy, from pilsner to porter, they have the selection for you. Their selection includes Master’s Choice, Bay Side, Gator Lager, Fischer’s, and Dunk’s labels. As a result, many people who are fans of craft beer of a high caliber have recommended this brewery.

Florida Brewery Co. owner, Ron Fontaine, is also marked as a person who is very passionate about what he brews. The company reflects this through the fact that the group of core employees is still very small, indicating that expertise and loyalty are valued at the company. It is therefore no surprise that the company’s craft beer selection includes gambles, like the Alligator Beer, which was developed by two University of Florida seniors in 1985, and was a gamble that paid off well. Staying true to excellence while fostering the local community is one of the many way’s that Florida Brewery Co. has continued to impress to this day.

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