Yuengling Brewery

Not all beer is crafted the same. Yuengling beer has a rich history that gives this beer a unique taste and distinctive flavor. This beer is still made at the oldest brewery in the United States and the beer crafters take pride in every batch. Since 1829 Yuengling beer has been made in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

There are several different types of Yuengling beer. There is something to fit every taste. Yuengling Premium beer is a consumer favorite. This beer has a light gold color. The beer has a nice balance of hop and pale malt which allow it to have a fresh and crisp taste. Consumers are also familiar with Yuengling Traditional Lager. This beer is known as an American icon as far as Lager beers are concerned. The beer has a deep amber color and has a medium body flavor. In this beer a person can taste the roasted caramel malt that was used to craft it. They will also get a touch of sweetness from the cluster and cascade hops that are used. This beer is well balanced and has the distinctive taste that many people think of when they hear the Yuengling brand. This beer is fresh without being overpowering.

With the recent concern for health in the United States Yuengling has taken notice and developed a light beer. This beer has all the taste that a beer drinker has come to enjoy without the extra calories. Yuengling Light Lager was carefully crafted to retain the taste of the Traditional Lager. Three are only 99 calories per bottle which makes this beer much lighter than regular brews.

Yuengling has a rich history in the United States and is one of the oldest beers that have been crafted. Yuengling has developed different flavors to keep up with the modern times while not sacrificing the quality of the traditional beer.

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