What Does It Take For A Beer To Become A Lager?

Lager beers are a great tasting adult beverage that has been brewed around the world for many generations. But what is lager beer actually made of? Today we are going to discuss how lager is made and what sets it apart from other beers. If you are a fan of lager beer then you might want to takes some notes.
So What Is Actually In a Lager?

The process of making lager beer is different from that of other beer. During the first stage of the lager beer making process, which is called the fermentation process, lager beers are kept at a much lower temperature. This process allows the yeast to fall to the bottom half of the fermentation. By brewing at cooler temperatures it limits the formation of certain esters giving the beer a crisper and cleaner flavor.
So How Should Lager Be Served? What Is The Best Temperature?

Just like when it is brewed traditionally, lager is best when it is served cold. When lager is served too hot it often distorts the flavor and cannot be fully enjoyed. Unlike some beers that can be served at room temperature lager is best severed at 38 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal flavor.
What about Storage?
The proper storage temperature recommended for lager type beers is between 32 to 39 degrees Fahrenheit. This keeps the beer crisp and will help retain its light flavor. Any temperatures higher than 39 degrees will start to break the beer down and destroy its natural clean taste.
Lagers Come In Many Different Colors!
Lager beer can in several different colors. Depending on which grain is used in the brewing process, lager beer can be pale, amber, golden, or dark. This wide selection of colors and flavors makes lager beer one of the most popular in the world. People have been brewing lager for hundreds of years and it is likely to remain the most popular beer for many more centuries.

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