How The PartyLink App is Changing Nightlife

PartyLink is not your average social media app that merely notifies you where friends are going the night of. This app takes on many different roles that partake in how your night is going to transpire. You may ask how this app differs from other nightlife apps and the answers are nearly endless. PartyLink organizes events and meetups throughout your local community 7 days a week in cities across the United States. Not only does this app find the nearest party spots, but it allows users to produce buzz and popularity on their own events. PartyLink also has a unique feature that lets users follow their favorite upcoming and aspiring artists and DJ’s.

PartyLink was created by nightlife enthusiasts for nightlife enthusiasts. PartyLink wanted to create an app that makes meeting up with friends as well as meeting new ones, as simple as possible. Going out and having fun is the PartyLink community’s forte, and with that, they have engineered their app so that you can go out any night of the week and be able to have a great night ahead of you ensured. “That’s something great about PartyLink. When me and my buddies are looking to go out that night we usually check wthe local bar or club PartyLink highlights,” said a recent college grad from University of Connecticut. PartyLink is geared towards fun seekers all over the country.

For just as little as $25, anyone can sponsor or host their own party while using PartyLink as a quick and easy way to spread the word. PartyLink is also a useful tool that has the ability to turn just a few people into hundreds. Any bar or club owner can sponsor their event or party and attract hundreds of patrons in the same night they created the event.

PartyLink possesses another unique feature that allows users to discover new music and stream freely as they please. With the PartyLink app, you can easily locate the local musicians you have been hearing and show your support by listening to more of their music. This aspect of the app is appealing to music lovers everywhere, and those who like to enjoy some refreshingly new music. A college senior at Providence College noted how she enjoyed the feature, “It’s cool to be able to listen to local artists instead of all the mainstream stuff that I’ve been hearing. I can hear some new music outside of the radio and itunes.”

The music feature is also useful for musicians themselves, as it allows them to upload their music to the app while also spreading the word about themselves. By uploading their music on the Partylink app, musicians are able to multiply the number of their fans as well as promote their music.

PartyLink is changing the way people go out at night. Users can simply go into their mobile devices and instantly communicate with others and easily find out where to go to join the party. Because of the simplicity of the app and the distinct features it possesses, the app is appealing and useful to everyone who enjoys a good time and a night on the town.

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