B. Bar & Grille – Wilton Manors, FL

The moment you will enter B. Bar & Grille you will be in love with the place. Neon lights, disco ball, chattering people, and a beautiful atmosphere is what awaits you inside the place. The club is beautifully decorated with many items and props and there is a spacious dance floor where you can let your hair down and dance all night with your pals.

The club has everything you would love- dart boards, pool tables, well stocked bar, and even a baby grand piano in a corner. With so many things to engage in and with adventurous people around to share the space there is no chance that you won’t have a great time. If you are gay and looking for good company then this bar is perfect for you since you will find a friendly atmosphere here, and who knows, you might even people with whom you would develop long term friendships too.

For the entertainment of the people they even play music videos on a huge projection screen. On the lower level of the club you will find a big rectangular bar which has seating on all sides thereby giving it a unique look. At the back room there is another bar and a small acoustic piano too which you are free to play if the pianist is not around. You will get the feeling of royalty sitting in this room, and the atmosphere will mellow you down. This area is best if you are looking for someplace quiet, since you will get to hear the soothing music of the piano and less noise.

The patrons that generally come to the club are nice and friendly.

The best part about B. Bar & Grille is that it has a quite laid back and casual atmosphere. You can even show up in plain tees and a jeans and it would be all fine. Unlike many bars which have strict dressing code and many rules and regulations at B. Bar & Grille you can actually be yourself. You need not to show off to anybody. You just come here and have a great time sharing laughs with old and newly made friend and listen to pure blissful music.

B. Bar & Grille

2209 Wilton Dr
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33310

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