Bidding for Patrons- The New Way Bars Do Business

Opening a bar or restaurant is statistically considered one of the riskiest business ventures to endure. Almost 90% fail within the first year alone. These bars suffer from misguided advertising and poor consumer targeting, causing them to miss out on huge opportunities in the market. With the evolution of technology, bidding for consumers has become an intricate part of emerging business plans. A Mobile app, PartyLink, looks to bring this style of highly targeted marketing to the fast paced world of urban nightlife.
Bidding has long been a staple of web advertising because it is cost effective and works to get the right consumers for any business. Instead of wasting time by advertising to everyone, bidding lets you decide what demographics work best for you and who to target. PartyLink allows bars to directly bid for patrons instead of wasting money on low return advertising. This means that they will get the patrons they want and at the price they want to spend.
The mobile market for bars has continued to grow over the past couple years, with various versions of nightlife apps emerging. Unfortunately, most of these apps are simply lists of bars in an area and they do little for a bar’s bottom line. Bar owners almost always have to pay a flat fee to use these apps, even though all regions should command different prices based on user count and bar owners are never given the opportunity to bid what they feel would be justified for them, these are 2 reasons why PartyLink is so different. Each bar is essentially granted the same viewership as the last and must then compete with others. This forces bars to undercut their own prices to face competition and lose money for the sake of gaining an audience in hopes the patrons will return in the following weeks. The bidding process allows the bars to only compete for that night’s party spot, instead of lowering the prices of their inventory.
With easy access to today’s technology, Millennials are able to interact at a faster rate with the world around them and are prone to make quick decisions using the readily available information. PartyLink acts as the first of its kind nightlife app that can bridge the gap of traditional advertising and mobile advertising for local bars. The method has already been effectively implemented on the internet and various search engines, but it is time to use mobile technology as a means to bring these approaches to the real world, with targeted marketing. Eventually other mobile apps may catch on to the effectiveness that is targeted marketing, but until then PartyLink offers distinct advantages to bars who are looking to both save money and reach the right audiences.

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