Why Everyone is Talking About PartyLink

You’re at your friends place, they ask “what you want to do”, you reply “I don’t know, what do you want to do” they also reply “I don’t know, what do you want to do”, and the cycle continues. This happens way too often, you and your friends do not know where to go for this weekend’s nightlife and no one makes a decision resulting in a night of compromises that no one is thrilled with. PartyLink is the solution to these Sisyphus like cycles, by providing a definitive venue for the night; you can waste less time on deciding on a bar and spend more time enjoying your night.
Not only will you be able to get out the door faster, to meet up with friends, PartyLink also gives you discounts for the night so you don’t have to break the bank. Saving money is the perfect way to spend any night; PartyLink’s many promotions offer something for everyone from, cheaper entrance to a concert to $1 shots for when it’s your turn to buy a round for your friends. You no longer have to worry about waking up with an empty wallet, while all the money you save can go directly towards your next big adventure.

PartyLink is also a great way to stay in touch with friends and keep them updated on what you have been doing. The Fan club section of PartyLink continuously updates photos that were posted on instagram with the hashtag #PartyLink from that night’s party and VIP events; that way your friends can see where you went that night and all the fun you’re having, so that they can join you in the festivities. You can also use it as a fun way to remember the night and show, instead of tell, everyone about all the excitement you had. It’s the quickest way to become the envy of all your friend’s nights.
In addition to all the perks that PartyLink provides, they promote local artists directly on their app. PartyLink gives the chance for artists to put their music straight onto the app for others to listen to, promoting their next show. This also gives the PartyLink users an awesome form of entertainment while they are getting ready to go out or just waiting in line for a bar, playing the music right from the app for all their friends to share. Free music is always a good thing, especially when it supports the local music community!
PartyLink has been creating buzz, but for good reason. Telling you the best bars to go to, giving great discounts, showing off the night’s events and promoting local artists are just some of the features that PartyLink has to offer. It offers a great way to get out for the weekend and make the most of whichever city you are in, offering the unique taste of each area that will give you the most of your night.

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