ENTER. Closing Party at Space Ibiza

This was easily one of the best parties I’ve had the good fortune to enter. The Closing Party at Space, Ibiza in Spain 02 October 2014 was truly epic and a great close to the season. One of the best bands for the area was Ultra Worldwide.

It also spanned into October 5. There were over 30 artists for the event. The idea was that there was a sweet and bittersweet sort of feel to the goodbye to summer party. There were six open areas and an open zone area at the back. This was directly outside, and it’s what was called Ultra Ibiza Arena.

It was really classic to see all of the great bands outdoors in the open and it really gave an extra epic feel to the whole thing. It was a unique and rare thing to see since apparently they only really use this area during closings and openings. The place opened in the afternoon, and it used the Funktion One sound system, which was definitely something to behold.

Some notable names were Agoria, Blackhall, Camilo Franco, Josh Wink, John Talbo, Marco Loco, Ramon Castells, and VisionQuest. It was a bummer that they didn’t have free drinks, but the drunks were pretty good and not too bad in terms of price so it was definitely worth it.

It was definitely a good time down at the Playa d’en Bossa, and it was absolutely packed there. It’s hard to believe just how many people they packed in to the area where they put them all. It was unreal, it must’ve been the best turn out for this event to ever happen here.

It was such an extreme ride that you were definitely left a little confused after everything was over since it was hard to accept that you weren’t going to get anymore of this even for quite a while longer, until next season.

Fortunately, there were definitely some indications afterwards that they are definitely going to keep things going next year and that the closing party next year will be even more epic than this year. So this means that there’s plenty of reason to come back next year and to look forward to the potentially amazing times that could happen the next time the whole thing comes around again.

Apparently there were like 25 closings in the club this year in order to mark the 25th anniversary. At some f these events there were as many as 6 different stages. The fact that the event was so massive definitely helps in terms of different musical tastes as well.

For example, if you didn’t really dig the music happening in the first stage, you could just wander towards the second stage, and so on. With that many stages happening, it would be rather surprising if you didn’t come across at least one act that was right down your alley considering how huge all of the acts were.

It’s this kind of range of choices that make this event so much fun for everyone.

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