Circoloco at DC-10, Ibiza, Spain

I’m not the type of individual who likes to attend party events that contain big laser shows, VIP sections, and a handful of exotic dancers hanging from the ceiling while doing some weird dance routines. That’s just not my thing…never has been, so when I was invited by my friends to come along with them to Circoloco Ibiza 2014 on September 29TH, I was more than excited to attend, as I knew that everybody who attends this event is there for the music…not for the show as it is with other events.

I definitely had a ball getting ready for the party alongside my best friends. As soon as we walked into the event, we were amazed at the numerous of individuals that were having a ball on the dance floor. There was a huge array of underground and techno DJs that were able to get everybody dancing to every rhythm they were playing, which is what it made the best turn out ever for this event.

It was truly a special party that I was lucky enough to attend. Music makes everybody smile. The DJs in attendance made everybody dance and feel happy for many hours. There were numerous of people in attendance from different parts of the world, who had traveled for the same reason that I did, which was to have nothing but pure fun. I had the privilege of meeting a handful of nice people that were having the times of their lives, like me.

It was just a short ride from Playa D’en Bossa to get to DC-10 in Ibiza. It is located at the end of this island’s airport, in an old hanger, which is what made the whole thing a one-of-a-kind experience for me. I arrived there around 16:30 alongside my best friends.

No, it was not early at all to enjoy the event. Opting to go there at that time was definitely a fantastic way to get the party started before we made our way other clubs in this island. Mondays in generals have always been a bit of a marathon in Ibiza, and of course, Circoloco Ibiza 2014 seems to be the main reason.

Circoloco has been causing a lot of buzz for the type of entertainment figures it tends to provide to all of its visitors, which include the biggest underground DJs, and even the odd appearance from Carl Cox. There is just always something different at DC-10. It has slowly become one of the most in-demand parties, not only in Ibiza, but in the entire world.

In my entire life, I’ve been to a lot of parties in a couple of countries, but there is just something about the Circoloco event in Ibiza that takes the top price when it comes to entertainment. It is truly a special place to dance and have a good time with the people that you love. I can’t wait to go back! This event is definitely one of the funniest and craziest cool parties that you’ll ever experience in Ibiza, Spain.

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