33rd Street Wine Bar- Fort Lauderdale, FL

33rd Street Wine Bar is a hell of a place for wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Here you will find over 120 kinds of wines by the glass to taste and enjoy. All these wines are carefully preserved using the Vinfinity Wine Preservation System. Expect a “just decanted” taste from all of the wines they offer by the glass. The staff at 33rd Street Wine Bar is very knowledgeable and will help you find the perfect wine for your pallet. Because they offer so many quality wines, they won’t try to steer you to one or the other. You will always find fun filled and comfortable atmosphere at 33rd Street Wine Bar.

Other than offering top quality wines you will also get to enjoy live music at the establishment. They often invite some of the most popular local musicians at their place to perform for their patrons. They also organize other kinds of fun events such as cabaret nights which showcases a line of booming talent, etc. Some of the recent musicians who came to 33rd Street Wine Bar to perform include Cecilia Joy, Charlie Sullivan, and famous pianist Jon King Roberts.

The atmosphere and ambience at 33rd Street Wine Bar is unique and comforting. They have small lamps hanging from the ceiling at the bar and emanate warm light making the place look magical. The furnishing at the place is also of fine quality and texture. There is ample space and seating arrangement for accommodating large groups of people. There are flowers and other decorative items all over the place which really put life into it.

At 33rd Street Wine Bar you will find some of the most premium wines of France, Italy and other countries at reasonable prices. The staff is attentive and will try their best to make your experience memorable. Other than wines you will also find their snacks extremely delicious. The cheese platter they will bring you is mouth watering and will make you fall in love with the food.

There are many wine bars and hangout joints around South Florida. However, very few carry the much needed intimacy and relaxing atmosphere. 33rd Street Wine Bar is different. Here you will get really intimate and soothing vibes.

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