Flossmoor Station Brewing Co – Flossmoor, IL

Flossmoor Station Brewing Co is much more attractive than other breweries you will find around the Flossmoor area. It is located in an older building, next to the Flossmoor Metra, and it’s also a restaurant, which is pretty cool. The rustic, scenic setting right next to the train station is quite picturesque and you will certainly fall in love with the view. There’s a little locomotive that runs around the bar area – which you must look up. As far as the food and the beers go they are all amazing. They have got a good variety of these both and no matter what kind of items interest your palate you are certain to find something for yourself here.

The Pullman Brown ale is one of the better beers you will find at Flossmoor Station. The Panama Red ale is also pretty superb. If you’re into the barrel-aged scene, they recently rolled out the “Pullman Brown Reserve” which is absolutely phenomenal. All of their beers are handcrafted from the finest all-natural ingredients, with no preservatives, chemicals or artificial flavorings. The beers are fresh-brewed in their beautiful brewery which you can see behind the glass wall. Handcrafted in the Old World tradition, each beer they brew contains its distinctive flavor, color, and character to a carefully selected mixture of the finest and freshest malted barley, hops, and brewer’s yeast.

As far as the food of Flossmoor Station is concerned the majority of the menu can be classified as upper-echelon bar food with really solid burgers. That being said, the fish and chips are out of this world awesome. You also need to try their beer cheese soup that is unique and one of a kind.

The Flossmoor Station restaurant is built into what used to be an old train station (hence the name). They have a patio that gets utilized really well in the summers, and mini shop right next to the patio called “The Caboose” that serves really good gelato during the summer. The bar has enough TV’s to qualify as a decent place to watch a game, and there are also daily bar specials (50 cents off pints, discounts on appetizers, etc.) which attracts a decent crowd.

All in all, if you like great quality food and beers then Flossmoor Station Brewing Co serves as a complete package deal. Bring your friends or family along and you are certain to cherish every single moment of yours here.

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