Grist House Brewing- Pittsburgh, PA

Armed with a passion for quality, locally made craft beer and the desire to introduce as many people as possible to this heavenly, Kyle and Brian set forth bringing their dream to fruition and out came the Grist House Brewing company!  Today Grist House Brewing is one of the most popular breweries of Pittsburg and has already garnered a large number of loyal customers.

Situated in what used to be an old slaughterhouse/meat packing building in Millvale, Grist House Brewing is quite unique (it still sports the travelling cranes and loading docks that oddly suits it well for brewing). The general vibe here resides somewhere between industrial hip (chalkboard walls, reused lights, etc.) and country pride (camo hats and gear). If you are a sports lover then they have large flat screens TVs too and you can watch the latest sports action on these without any troubles, and with some of their most amazing beers.

The atmosphere at Grist House Brewing speaks for itself. You will find a very relaxing and comfortable outdoor seating area to which you can bring your drinks. Here you will find groups of people spread out playing games and socializing, which is absolutely lovely. Grist House Brewing is dog-friendly and often have local food trucks in the parking lot, which is another win altogether.

At Grist House Brewing they usually have at least 7 different brews on tap, probably the Camp Slap Red or Gristly Bear Brown being the most well known. All of the beers are loaded with flavor, and easily described on the menus. The bartenders are very knowledgeable and can help you with any decisions.  They also have a good variety of food to go along with the brews too. You will find hot dogs, chilli dogs and this pepper/veggie medley in olive oil with baguette slices to order. However, you can call places to deliver too, since they don’t mind. As long as there is something which can bring your convenience and make you happy they are always supportive.

Grist House Brewing is one of those places where anyone can come at any part of the day knowing that he is going to have a great time. Here everyone is treated like family, and one trip to this place is enough to prove the same.

Grist House Address: 10 Sherman Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15209 Phone: 412-447-1442

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