Schlafly Bottleworks- St. Louis, MO

Schlafly Bottleworks offers a great atmosphere and an extensive craft beer selection from the largest craft beer brewery in St. Louis. The menu here nicely compliments the beer themed atmosphere very well and offers brunch, lunch, and dinner in a lot of varieties. They also offer interactive and insightful tours. These tours last approximately 30 minutes and are limited to 10 people per tour. The spaces are filled on a first come, first served basis so you need to make sure you arrive as soon as possible.  The tours will guide you through the history of Schlafly Beer and the brewing process, while enjoying some of the freshest Schlafly Beer they have for you.

Food on the brunch menu at Schlafly Bottleworks ranges from traditional items such as eggs with potatoes, biscuits and gravy to authentic homely food like chicken fried steak with gravy. Then there are also the typical Lou cuisine items such as elk chili slinger. If you like you can also try the chicken wings and pretzels. The wings are oven roasted and smoked with a Carolina BBQ sauce. The pretzels are perfectly soft and chewy and the beer cheese sauce is homemade and super delicious. Also, if you like burgers then you have to try their turkey burger! With grilled veggies on the side and juicy filling their turkey burger is the best you will ever have.

Every year, Schlafly Bottleworks brews over 70 styles of fresh Schlafly beer. Whether bottled, canned, or exclusively available on draft, they have a unique style for every beer lover. Their core year round offerings are interpretations of some of the world’s most enduring beer styles. Then there are seasonal releases which showcase bigger beers (all 7%-8% abv) with a focus on unique process and huge flavor. At any given time, you will find two Special Release beers available, with one of them always being a Special Release IPA offering. They also have other kinds of beers which they have carefully categorized as wood aged, draft only, bottle conditioned, can sessions, and others.

There aren’t many craft beer places where you can get a lot of variety at the same time, but Schlafly Bottleworks is different. Here you will always find new and unique kinds of beers all year round. Whether you are a casual drinker or a beer connoisseur you are bound to love this place.

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