Paradox Brewery- Schroon Lake, NY

Paradox Brewery, while a bit of a drive from the Capital Region, should be the top destination on every local beer drinker’s list. The beers offered by this brewery are really something special. The nice outside seating under a tent or in the sun if you prefer is also a great feature. You can sit back here, relax and have a pint (or two or three!) and when you are done you can also take a growler to go! The staff, service, atmosphere, everything is top notch here!

Located in the Adirondack Park, on Rte 9 in Schroon Lake, New York Paradox Brewery  has some of the most amazing brews of the world. All these brewmasters are devoted to creating fine craft beers using the purest Adirondack water & quality ingredients. Their tasting room is open to all kinds of people, which is why you experience a  very warm and comfortable vibe from this place.

A good thing about Paradox is that you can purchase growlers of their beers to take home, and you can also purchase 16 oz. pints to enjoy right there discussing the finer points of each offering with the friendly staff or the other brew-loving customers. You say you’re not sure which of their brews you might want to enjoy? Well, how about having a tasting of each! They will gladly give you a few ounces of each brew, at no charge, and explain it to you. Of course, after such accommodating, warm and friendly service, not to mention six or seven of these different tastes, you’ll feel obliged to leave a “donation.” Just make sure you have a designated driver to get you safely home, with or without a growler.

Paradox is probably the only brewery around the area that has a beer for everyone. For instance, the Red Ale is their maltiest offering. They use a blend of three malts to give a rich beautiful red color & supply sweet malty flavors. Using just enough American & English hops to provide balance and flavor this awesome brew is made just for you! Similarly, Black Fly Porter is an Americanized version of an English robust porter. This one has a showcase for malt using imported Munich & American roasted malts to create a full bodied beer without an overly roasted astringent character.



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