Bricktown Brewery- Oklahoma City, OK

If a great selection of beers, clean and comfortable environment, friendly and helpful service, and good food are what you like, then Bricktown Brewery is just the place for you. The in-house beers that they brew are all fantastic and you are bound to love every sip of them.

At Bricktown Brewery, they brew what they commonly refer to as “Session Beer”. The term is thought to be originated from WWII British ammunition and factory workers who would have a few beers during breaks on long days. Some of the beers they have are extreme with high levels of alcohol content and some have low levels. It typically varies from brand to brand. Their signature beers are made to be paired with food and consumed while enjoying pleasant conversations with family and friends. You are also free to ask the bartender about their different options, and they will be more than happy to assist you.

If you are interested in knowing what happens at the brewery then you can take a brewery tour. These brewery tours are available to small groups, although only by appointment. All you need to do is ask your server or call 405-232-BREW to set up a time for your group. With the tour not only will you get to see how the beer is made but you will also get to check out the grains and ingredients used to make the different styles. The tours are both fun and educational.

Other than offering great beers and food, Bricktown Brewery also has quite a reputation for its Banquet Facilities. The place can easily assist groups ranging from 20 to 1000 people. Their banquet facilities at the Downtown OKC as well as the Ft Smith locations are perfect for wedding receptions, business events, birthday parties, etc. The food is always served elegantly and professionally. You can easily select from their dinner buffets or appetizer platters. They also offer state of the art A/V equipment and screens to satisfy your banquet needs completely.

Bricktown Brewery is the place where families and friends come not only to share great food and beers, but also to bond and create memories that could be cherished for a lifetime. The atmosphere this place offers is homely and comfortable, and that’s exactly what you need when you are taking a sip of some of the finest beers of Oklahoma City.

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