Flounder Brewing Co- Portland, ME

Flounder Brewing Co is all about chilling out, relaxing and just letting it all go. Although the brewery is small, the hearts of the people working here aren’t. You will find a very comfortable and homely atmosphere where you can try some of their best beers. The space is nicely laid out and well decorated. The brewing room itself is straightforward, so the tours are quick and, quite interesting too. They all share a mutual passion for the beer, and it is evident in their work.

At Flounder Brewing Co they want everyone to enjoy and savor every single moment while drinking their beers. They encourage patrons to bring them into their family. They want you to tell them your stories while you’re kicking back relaxing and sharing your best BBQ. They want you to bring them to your next family function, your friend’s party or to welcoming a new neighbor in town. And seriously, with them you will hardly feel any different from family. All the members of Flounder Brewing Co are equally fun and lively people. Turning the frown upside down seems to be their specialty as well as brewing some of the finest beers.

Since Flounder Brewing Co is still small it doesn’t open daily. Generally the place is open one Friday or Saturday a month for tours, tastings and growler fills. However, with the expansion of their space, you can expect two or three days a month when you can stop by. Usually they announce the dates during the first week of the month. The easiest ways to find out the dates and keep updated on when they are is to watch their Facebook fan page or join their mailing list, where they will email you the details of when the next tour and tasting is.

You can buy some of the best beers at Flounder Brewing Co at great prices. A Brad pint costs $6, a Brad 5 Oz. $2, a Comp. pint for free. You can also buy growlers for mere $5 bucks. They also sell a variety of cool merchandise such as pint glasses, key chains, tulip glasses, etc and apparels such as tees and caps.

Flounder Brewing Co is certainly a unique craft beers place in Portland. If you love friendly atmosphere and cheap exotic beers then this is your place.

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