The Blind Monk- West Palm Beach, FL

Some of the things which make The Blind Monk one of the best wine bars in the West Palm Beach area are excellent customer service, it’s cozy and intimate environment with indoor and outdoor seating, a large screen inside where they play old classic movies, and a friendly and relaxing environment. Whether you want to enjoy a great meal all by yourself, or want to share some laughs with your friends at a lovely place The Blind Monk is the perfect place for you.

The décor at The Blind Monk is simply amazing. They have a whole range of wine selections in which you can find some of the most premium wines available at affordable rates. These selections change often, but previous selections include light and subtle reds such as Domaine De La Prebende Gamay, Domaine Du Joncier Grenache, Flaco Tempranillo, Punta Crena Lumassina Frizzante , Earthy And Complex Reds Like Sottimano Bric Del Salto Dolcetto, Famiglia Marrone Barbera , and more. All the wines are available by the glass and by the bottle.

At The Blind Monk you also get to become a part of several of their amusing and exciting events. The patterns and frequencies of the events change over time, but they all are focused on one single thing- to entertain everyone. Some of the latest events at The Blind Monk include Jazz Brunch in which you get to enjoy live jazz music while you enjoy your delicious meal, Brunch and Flower Market in which you can enjoy a floral infused prosecco mojito at The A.M. Shift and pick up fresh flowers at the Flower & Fringe pop-up flower market, and Monk Concert Series in which you can enjoy some top quality blues, rock, and jazz music.

The dining room at The Blind Monk is aptly dark, well equipped and has a welcoming atmosphere. You can comfortably have a good dining experience with your family and spend some quality time here. All the items on the menu here are of premium quality but are well priced so you won’t end up with a hole burnt in your pocket.  All in all The Blind Monk is a great place to spend time and have good food and wine and many of the food items are locally grown.  The place is also ideal for organizing any kind of party or event too. All you need to do is contact the staff and they will be more than happy you to assist in every way possible.

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