Great New London Brewing Co – New London, CT

Great New London Brewing Co is one of the few companies which really know what the people want and are bringing new kinds of beer in the saturated brewery scene. Not only they use the finest of ingredients for all their beers but are also quite creative in the working and their system. No matter what kinds of beer you prefer, you are bound to find something you will love at Great New London.

Every single beer of Great New London Brewery is unique in flavor and aroma. For instance, the Safe Harbor 1790 Lager is an American-style lager crafted to be very approachable and popular with all beer lovers. It has a fresh and gentle fruit notes, a delicate use of malt and a balanced hint of bitters for a clean, snappy finish. The beer is a medium-bodied, crisp and clean beer with layers of hop aromas, brewed for the perfect balance of flavor and refreshing drinkability.

Safe Harbor India Pale Ale of GNLB, on the other hand is akin to the original IPAs of 1800s. Their hop varietals take fruity, citrusy, floral, piney, resinous aromas and flavors to a much bigger level. Beautiful pale gold/copper in color – with a slightly bold hoppy bitterness that predominates over medium, clean malt levels, make Safe Harbor India Pale Ale a no-apologies American beer.

Other than bringing top quality beer for the people Great New London Brewing Co also is known for its quality merchandise. You will find hats, shirts, and a variety of collectibles that you can keep for souvenirs at Great New London Brewing. All hats are $19 from From Pacific Headware. They are high quality, brushed cotton pigment dyed with meticulous embroidery. The shirts are also amazing in quality and finish. Hence, these are not just shoddy items for sale, these are quite good in built and quality. You will love all of these for sure.

Great New London Brewing Co certainly knows what a good beer is, and if you are tired of drinking the same old beer with same old taste and flavor then you gotta check them out. You won’t find such a good variety anywhere else.

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