Berkley Beer Company- Berkley, MA

Located in the small farming community of Berkley, Massachusetts Berkley Beer Company is a three-barrel nano brewery that produces a few but excellent types of beer. They may be small in scale, but the passion for creating an honest brew they have is simply amazing. All of their beers are crafted, brewed and bottled by hand for guaranteed quality and unparalleled taste. They also care about the environment just as much as the craft, and utilize a wood gasification boiler, to heat all their hot water for the brewing process using recycled, reclaimed, and cord wood.

Currently there are 4 types of beer available at Berkley Beer Company. However, each of these 4 are equally amazing and delicious. The Berkley IPA is a perfect blend of malty sweetness and hoppy, citrus aroma. Complemented with a bitter finish, this well-balanced brew is a popular fan favorite. The Golden Ale on the other hand is a drinkable, well-balanced ale that features a smooth, crisp taste paired with a slight malty finish making it gloriously golden and pleasantly refreshing. If love the taste of Coffee then you can try the Coffee Porter which is full of rich coffee aroma and flavor and a hint of chocolate. This amazing brew is smooth, dark, drinkable and most satisfying.  The last beer on the list is Harvest Ale which is a perfect blend of sweet and savory and is the distinctive feature of the same. It’s rich, malty flavor, makes this Oktoberfest-style ale not only very drinkable, but also the ideal autumn treat.

Berkley Beer Company has state of the art brewery machinery that allows them to create some of the finest beers of Berkley. They are highly skilled in making beer and know how and when to use the perfect ingredients. It is this kind of professionalism that they have maintained that allows them to be on top of the local beer market.

At Berkley Beer Company they use only the best of ingredients to make beer. You can actually taste and smell every single ingredients involved in a brew, which shows the kind of quality they have. Plus, since they have 4 different kinds of beer you can always find one that suits you the most. The prices are just about right which makes it all the more important that you go and check them out.

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