Tributary Brewing Company- Kittery, ME

Tributary Brewing Company is simply fantastic. The entire establishment is extremely clean and nice looking and you are bound to fall in love with the place immediately. You could have gone to many pubs but you won’t find any place like it. Here they genuinely want you to stay, enjoy the beer and have fun with your friends unlike other places where the servers often tend to hurry you up so that they can get some other customers.

Tributary Brewing Company is a no frills place where you can find decent atmosphere and great quality music to help you enjoy your drinks more. They also give some really awesome and informative tours for their customers, which you can take part in. The staff is really passionate about what they do and you can tell it through the way they describe things. You will feel really comfortable asking about their beers and the brewing processes. However, most of the things they will explain anyway so you won’t feel like asking many questions, unless you are really into it, in which case they will heartily guide you.

There is a lot of variety of brews at Tributary Brewing Company to try. To start with, they haveSweet Fern Gose which is Gose collaboration brew with Earth Eagle Brewings, brewed and dry ferned with Sweet Fern. Then there is Wit Bier which is a crisp Belgian style wheat beer brewed with 50% malted wheat and raw wheat with additions of both sweet and bitter orange peel, and spiced with coriander and pepper. Other options include a light-bodied golden ale with medium hop flavor and aroma called the American Mild and Pale Ale, which is a light, refreshing, and crisp ale. Brewed with Summit, Warrior, & Centennial hops.

Spending time with your family and friends at Tributary Brewing Company is simply delightful. They have picnic tables, a bar and some comfy chairs as your seating arrangement choices. How cool is that? There is plenty of parking space so you can bring your entire big family or all your friends without worrying about parking. Plus, they work in cooperation with a food truck vendor in the parking lot that sells amazing sandwiches that they will deliver to your table. Now, how many other places are there which you think of that provide such kind of service and features? Not many likely. So, give it a shot and see for yourself why they are so popular!

  • Address 10 SHAPLEIGH ROAD, KITTERY, ME 03904
  • Phone 207.703.0093

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