The Post Brewing Co- Lafeyette, CO

The Post Brewing Company brews beers that are super delicious, memorable, and something that you will want to pour in your mouth repeatedly. Bryan Selders, the Brewmaster of The Post Brewing Co, has purposefully designed these beers to pair perfectly with your meal. The GoodBird Kitchen, run by Chef Brett Smith, serves you delicious comfort food cooked with the love of your grandma and the skill of passionately trained chefs that is meant to be shared like a family supper. Whether you want to chill with your friends or want to have some quality time all by yourself The Post Brewing is the place that will never disappoint you.

Variety is the spice of life and The Post Brewing Co understands it very well. No matter what kind of tastes you like and what your preferences are you will find something for yourself here. Their Townie Ale is brewed to 6.2% ABV with American Malt and loads of American hops. It balances the rough and the smooth with an attitude that is never out of place. This beer delivers an amazing, complex hop aroma and flavor with a smooth malt backbone that will leave you wanting more. The Howdy Beer, on the other hand, is a smooth, amazing brew that features a lovely American hop flavor and aroma which gives way to a delicate malt flavor that finishes crisp and clean. Essentially, with the Howdy they have taken the notion of the American Pilsener and have refreshed and renewed it as a gloriously drinkable celebration of a unique American brewing heritage and amazing American ingredients.

The tap room of The Post Brewing Co is a great space to chill. Here they have a range of fun games and a special menu which allows you to enjoy beer even more. Here you will find fresh cask beer from our beer engine, twelve lines of post beer, and taproom-exclusive cask beers that will be tapped every Thursday, and Lafayette’s own Firkin Friday on a Thursday.

There is a delicious menu for you to enjoy at The Post Brewing Co. But whatever you do, make sure you save room for the chicken. They have the most delicious chicken you will ever have! Their all-natural chicken is brined for hours, takes a few laps in buttermilk, and is dunked in seasoned gluten-free flour. Then it is cooked to down-home perfection, just like your mammy used to make. Just how could you ignore such a yummy thing?!

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