Narrows Brewing Company- Tacoma, WA

Narrows Brewing Company offers a great variety of brews for people with disparate palates. You have to their standard Northwestern IPA, which is simply delicious and well done. Lately, they’ve an awesome porter on tap which is also worth seeking out. They also have a wide variety of other styles normally available, and say most folks can find something they will like here. However, only is their own hand crafted fantastic itself, but they also have a wonderful choice of local guest beers too.

The atmosphere of the tap room of Narrows Brewing Company  is very pleasant and the people are friendly. The place is quite spacious with only two TVs, so conversation is highly encouraged. There is a wall of windows that looks out onto the marina and the Tacoma Narrows bridge. You will get to enjoy great scenery, and often amazing sunsets. Such kind of setting makes the place ideal to be visited with your date, or may even wanna enjoy a beautiful sunset by yourself as well.

At Narrows Brewing Company they take great pride in their craft and strive to ensure that every glass of Narrows beer is exceptional. Their approach is simple: mind the details, handle the yeast with care, and never rush a batch that needs more time. They curate the tap list to showcase the stunning array of flavors that beer can offer, but do so with a small number of taps to maintain the freshness of each individual batch. The beer they offer can be a lot of things – exotic, diverse, innovative, unique, traditional, drinkable, intense (some of them contradict) – but brewing beer of world-class quality is always their top priority, which makes them stand out from the other breweries.

Unfortunately you won’t find food at Narrows per se. However, Boathouse 19 is at the bottom of the stairs, and you can always call in a to-go order and bring it back. Also, they usually have a BBQ food truck on Friday evenings, and a Mexican food truck on Saturday evenings. There are also binders with menus from local restaurants that deliver, so overall, the no-food issue is pretty easy to overcome.

All in all, if you love great beer and a great environment where you can enjoy it then Narrows Brewing Company is the place where you should head towards next time. You won’t regret it!

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