Los Angeles Ale Works- Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Ale Works is an excellent brewery based in Los Angeles, California which is committed to providing the most unique kinds of beer to the people. Since the day of the brewery establishment, LAAW team has been hard at work business planning, refining recipes, designing the brand, and acquiring the proper licenses for the Contract Brewing. If the popularity is any indication then they are doing pretty good too.

Los Angeles Ale Works has a reputation for its alcoholic as well as non alcoholic beverages. Each of their beer is unique and distinct. The Gams bart is a multi award-winning beer and is an intensely traditional German style ale similar to a Bavarian style Hef. They use rye and roasted rye and ferment on the colder side which brings out the clove flavors from this traditional yeast. The Lievre is a French/Belgian Saison which is brewed with seasonal citrus peel, spices, and Indian sugar. Funky and friggin’ tasty you will never have enough of it. Similaly, Das Kolsch is a German Kolsch  which is hard to find, and this one is as traditional as they can make it without being in Cologne. Soft water, perle and hallertau hops, German pils, and a splash of wheat is what this delicious brew is comprised of and you can literally taste every flavor when you take a sip.

Other than beers which are popular all over America as a men’s drink, Los Angeles Ale Works also offer non alcoholic beverages and sake, which is not that common yet in US. Their Ketsara Soda is a Thai Tea Soda which they came up with specifically because they wanted to have something for everyone. While you may love beer, but you may also want to have something for those of your trucking friends around during brewery tours or those that just appreciate craft soda. Made with Palm Sugar and Thai Tea – itas as Sweet and Simple as it can be.

Los Angeles Ale Works certainly gives you the best of both worlds- a good variety of hardcore delicious beers and soda beverages for the non alcoholic ones. You have to give them a try if you haven’t yet. Do pay them a visit today itself, and also bring a friend along!

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