Long Brewing- Newberg, OR

Long Brewing is the beer paradise where ales and lagers are handcrafted without compromise. Their layered approach to brewing results in expressive aromas and flavors which are integrated and balanced. They use select whole Hops for freshness and the best malts from around the world. Give them a visit and savor the aroma, flavor and finish of Long Brewing Ales and Lagers- the best around the area.

Long Brewing produces a variety if beer, which is varied as year long, summer seasonal, and winter seasonal.

The year round beers include Pils, Kolsch style brews, IPAs etc. Check out their German Style Lager Pil which has a brilliant straw color with a tight lacy white head. Floral and spicy noble hop aroma with soft Pils malt behind, combined with crisp and clean layers of edgy noble hops make this drink irresistible. Dry finish with firm hop bitterness and a pleasant lingering hop bitterness make the Pil unique.

If you are lucky you can also get your hands on Long Brewing’s seasonal beers. The Linda’s Lager is an American Style Light Lager which is made with European malt and hops. It has subtle lime citrus and floral aroma with soft hop spice. Champagne like qualities with refreshing carbonation; clean, crisp and dry with delicately balanced finish and a slightly tart finish are what that make the lager stand out from the other lagers. Do try it out if you get a chance.

Long Brewing Co. is professional and dedicated towards its work, and it is quite clear looking the number of awards and honorable mentions they have got over the past couple of years. The awards list includes 2nd position for Vienna Lager in 2014 NABA event, 2nd People’s Choice award in 2013 Portland Spring Beer Festival, 2nd most sessionable beer- long brewing kolsch in 2012 Sip magazine, etc.

What makes Long Brewing stand out from the rest of breweries from around the area is consistency. While they experiment and come out with new beers from time to time they also ensure that every single beer of there has the same flavor and aroma as the last of the same kind. Hence, even if you come here after a year after you had the last one you will get to your favorite brew just the way you like it.


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