House Beer- Santa Monica, CA

House Beer was named House Beer because there’s nothing pretentious or complicated about it. There’s no light version. No seasonal brew. Just simple, great beer carefully crafted using only the finest ingredients. Fermented and aged to ensure a crisp and clean flavor with a delicate, slightly spicy hop aroma House Beer is what that could make your day. Here, while they believe every style of brew is worth enjoying, sometimes you just want things simple. Sometimes you just want a beer, and that’s what House Beer is all about.

House Beer is a delicious American lager carefully crafted to be simply nothing more than a great beer. With a delicate, slightly spicy hop aroma it’s brewed with the taste and care you expect to find in most craft beers, but one you can drink time and time again without worrying about how filling it is or what it says about you. Whether you are a hardcore drinker, or a casual social drinker you will certainly find something to love about this beer, and what’s exactly what makes it so special.

If there’s one thing House Beer Co. cares about as much as crafting House Beer, it’s taking care of the House we all live in- the planet Earth. It is also a reason why House Brewing is a proud member of 1% for the planet. They have pledged to contribute 1% of their sales each year to under-funded non-profits dedicated to the pursuit of preserving and restoring our natural environment. You will not find many beer companies so interested in taking care of the environment. So, if you buy beer from them not only you get to enjoy a fine world class beer but you also get to help in preserving the environment.

There is beer which you drink with your friends, and even after you are down with a couple of bottles you have no idea where it all went. And then there is beer which grabs your attention right from the first sip. This is the beer you savor every sip of and which leaves you with an everlasting taste of awesomeness. House Beer is exactly this kind of beer. If you are tired of the run of the mill kinds of beer then this is what you absolutely need. Go give it a try today itself, and see for yourself what’s so special about it.

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