What Is Pale Ale Actually Made From?

Pale ale is a light colored beer that has a malt-like taste. One of the most popular beers around the world, pale ale has been produced since 1703. There are hundreds of breweries that specialize in making this very delicious adult beverage. Many new microbreweries are starting to give pale ales more attention and have produced some really interesting new beers. With so much interest in pale ales some major brewers are now starting to notice and are trying their hand at brewing the beer. But what is pale ale actually made of? Today we are going to learn about what pale ale is made of and some tips on how it is best served.
What is the Brewing Process for Pale Ale?
Pale ale is brewed using a warm fermenting process which allows the yeast to stay on top of the fermentation tank. The high temperature helps add to the flavor of the beer. Pale ale is brewed with malts that are dried with coke which is a fuel that is low in impurities and high in carbon content. This gives pale ale its unique light color.
What about the Taste?

Pale ales have a wide range of flavors depending on the type of hops used in the brewing process. There are many different varieties of hops so the flavor combination is almost endless. But most pale ales have an equal balance of both malt and hops which gives the beer a more smooth taste.

So What Temperature Should Pale Ale Be Served?

When serving pale ale the optional temperature of the beer should be between 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature helps bring out the flavor of the hops and keeps the beer from becoming too bitter. Pale ale should also be stored at the same temperature that it is served. This will help protect the flavor of the beer and it will be ready to serve whenever needed.

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