Saint Somewhere Brewing, Tarpon Springs, FL

Saint Somewhere Brewing is based in Tarpon Springs, Florida. This is a small, traditional brewery that specializes in a handful of Belgian style ales. The only products used are Belgian wheat, malt and whole noble hops, as well as the specific ingredients required to create the notes that make each drink distinguishable from all the rest. This is a brewery that uses open fermentation and incorporates an unfiltered brewing process that allows the company to make handcrafted beers in the same way that they were made more than 100 years ago.

Today, the company specializes in three specific types of handcrafted ales. The first is Saison Athena. This is a farmhouse ale that is light with a citrus flavor. This is accomplished by incorporating green apple, orange peel and a number of other herbal flavors to balance out the main contents of the drink. All of this creates a very light beverage. In fact, the alcohol content is virtually undetectable. For anyone that enjoys drinking a handcrafted beer, yet does not want to taste a lot of alcohol, this is the perfect combination.

The next is known as Pays du Soleil. This is a bold, handcrafted beer that is unlike anything else that is available. In fact, it seems to have just a little bit of everything in it, ranging from fruits and herbs to heavier, more musky flavors. In fact, this could be considered as the drink that serves as the proverbial slap in the face. If you want to try something new and you need something that will get your attention, this is definitely something that you should try because you will not find anything else like it no matter how hard you try.

The company’s third variety is called Lectio Divina. This is a well balanced drink that is just bold enough, yet it is able to balance both the sweetness and the tartness so that it is near perfect. Technically, it is considered a medium body drink and it is spicy, yet fruity. This beverage has just enough of everything that it needs to epitomize the perfect balance between virtually all of the extremes, thereby creating a perfectly balanced beverage.

As you can see, this is a company that truly takes great pride in the beverages that it brews. Its products may be few, but they are handcrafted and well made. If you want something that is different and equally delicious, visit Saint Somewhere Brewing, Tarpon Springs, FL.

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