Fort Myers Brewing Company

The Fort Myers Brewing Company is one of those places that patrons describe as feeling neighborly with its indoor or outdoor seating, food trucks and games. They say that they always feel really welcomed there by both the owner and the staff.
And, rumor has it that the craft beer there is excellent. The dark brew is especially popular, but so are some of the other innovative craft beers that are offered at Fort Myers Brewing Company. There are complex brews and others that just provide good old easy drinking.

The Fort Myers Brewing Company has been open for a little more than two years now and many current patrons have been enjoying the craft beers that they offer since they opened. They keep coming back, not only for the great craft beer, but also for the atmosphere. Most beer connoisseurs who have been there say that it’s definitely a must-see place for anyone visiting that part of southwest Florida. They also say that the obvious passion for craft beer at Fort Myers Brewing Company is second to none.

One of the most popular events at the Fort Myers Brewing Company is the annual Oktoberfest Beer Mile Run. Running 400 meters, drinking a beer and then repeating three times more is great fun even if you’re not into running. It’s just a great excuse for a celebration and for drinking some excellent craft beer with lots of old friends and a few strangers who will quickly become new friends. Nothing brings the PartyLink community together like a good run and lots of great beer. The Fort Myers Brewing Company offers a total of 23 craft beers.

Head on down to
Fort Myers Brewing Company and try some for yourself. You’ll probably end up raving about it just like everybody else does.

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